Building a Video Marketing strategy that dominates

Video content is leading the pack for impact, engagement and creative opportunities, there’s no denying it. You need to understand how to create a video marketing campaign and how it ties in with your other business activities. Your video production needs to align with your overall marketing strategy and integrate effectively with your marketing channels.

With such high impact being driven from video, it now plays a central role in your marketing strategy. Video content needs to be woven through your entire campaigns and defines the structure of your social strategy. Video is a dominant force in social media with over 60% of the channels users consume video content being social channels.

From small business through to big business, 2020 has been a test of internal video production capabilities. We’re seeing so many fantastic results from innovative small businesses who have utilised affordable home setups. These setups allow them to provide regular video content updates to their audiences at an affordable price. It’s authentic and communicates large volumes of information, how can you beat that?

For big business, many will outsource their production requirements to a video production agency. This will still require a high level of input and insight into how the videos will be used across your social channels. There are so many variables around specifications, formats, styles that you’ll need to understand to be able to achieve the finished product you are looking for.

What is Video Marketing and do I need to pay someone to manage it?

If you’re planning to use video to drive leads and promote your business through video, then that’s video marketing! Video Marketing gives your business the perfect opportunity to increase your engagement. On top of this it also allows you to communicate large volumes of information efficiently about your product or sales proposition. Knowing how to produce high quality video content is crucial and many businesses are investing in upskilling and equipment to bring themselves up to speed.

Video has shifted from being a single arrow in the marketing quiver to a machine gun of strategic communications. Video content is now being produced across different teams internally as an educational resource or as lead generation resource. Having the equipment and understanding within your team about how you can utilise video has never been so crucial.

A recent Hubspot survey showed that 54% of online users prefer seeing video content from the brands and businesses that they support. Having video integrated into your lead generation pages has also shown to increase conversions by over 80%. Having a suite of videos to accompany your products can also serve as a tool for your sales team to convert leads. The detailed analytics driven from these sales videos can also be used to determine the interest level of leads.

8 Key Types of Video Marketing

Case Study Videos

It’s always good to celebrate your successes as a business, even better if you can tie it into your video marketing strategy. Putting these wins and testimonials into a video showcases just what your products can achieve while also providing example applications of your product. Your customers will hear first-hand from your case study exactly the issues and challenges that they were facing. Then you get the opportunity to provide real life examples of how your product resolves these issues.


Being able to go live to your audience generates huge levels of engagement and it makes the viewer feel apart of the subject. Digital events and livestreams give your customers the opportunity to get the information and act on it before anyone else. Depending on the social channel, live videos also generate push notifications to your followers, providing a unique opportunity to capture your audience quickly.  Utilising a video studio can really take your video productions to the next level. Our team regularly utilise our professional video studio to give them more flexibility around the style of the production.

Explainer and Educational Videos

There’s no better way to communicate large volumes of information quickly than video. This plays a critical role when quite often you’ve only got a very limited window to capture the attention of a potential lead.

Animated Videos

Quite often product introduction and sales videos are difficult to portray just reading a script to camera. Animations allow you to tie in infographics and provide insightful selling information with a consistent branded theme throughout the video.


Influencers play a huge role in the marketing landscape currently. Being able capture interviews with these people is a great way to engage with your audience. Interviewing experts for your brand builds trust with your audience and is a way to start conversations with your following.

Event Videos and Highlight Packages

If you’re in the event industry, short sizzler reels are often a great way to sell events. You can also use these for following years and to showcase the event to prospective sponsors. These short, punchy videos capture the excitement to deliver highly engaging content for your social strategy.

Demonstration Videos

Building up your internal video library can often consist of demonstration videos as a selling tool and minimises in-person product support. As a selling tool, videos can demonstrate how your product functions and you can step through the key selling points. From a support perspective, video content can often resolve many customer issues quickly and simply. This avoids a phone call to your support team and you’ve created a free ongoing support resource.

Brand Videos and Showreels

If you are looking to create brand videos for your business, create them to align with your overarching marketing strategy. Set out your objectives for your marketing campaign and integrate it with your video production. This style of video is often short, exciting and allows you to communicate success stories and selling points.

Time to make a Video Marketing plan!

Hopefully has provided some insight about how video can promote your brand and building your business. Next you’ll need to plan your video shoots and align your video  with your content marketing strategy. We’ve covered off on the basics of shooting video content and in future we’ll discuss how preparing scripts, budgeting, creative requirements and deadlines.

Pinstripe Media produces some of the highest quality video productions Sydney has to offer. If you are interested in speaking with our team to plan your next video production, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Jono Wade