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With over 100,000 aspirational Aussies in our database, the Pinstripe Media eDM network is a high-performing channel to market. We don’t spam our audiences with anything that will earn us a quick buck – we exist to genuinely help our audience succeed, and that’s reflected in the way we approach eDM marketing. This means the clients we do work with have a trusting and engaged audience who actually care about what we send them.

The followers in our database comprise of small and medium business owners, through to employees of startups, tech and finance organisations. eNewsletter sponsorships and solus eDMs regularly form a key part of our content marketing campaigns for clients.

If you’re interested in sponsoring any of our email content across our channels, or sending solus emails, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

collaborative content marketing

Qualified Lead-Generation

We know our audience well and we can provide insights to partners on messaging and design that will maximise the ROI on all email marketing campaigns.

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Highly Engaged Audiences

Our open rates and click through rates are above average across all of our databases.

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Over 100,000 Strong

There's strength in numbers and with over 100,000 potential customers in our database, it creates a fantastic opportunity for your brand.

targeted content marketing

Targeted Communications

Pick and choose the audiences or customer types you want to target with your email marketing partnership

HTML Solus Emails

This gives your brand the chance to entirely takeover one of our network EDM's for complete focus on your brand.

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Bespoke Development

Want to get the best results? Let us craft the copy and design in a way that we know will resonate with our audiences.

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