This week our team took on livestreaming the AGM for one of the world’s largest investment organisations, and pulled it off in spectacular fashion. We’re not big fans of gloating but when our team put in the hard yards and it delivers, we think it’s cause for celebration.

The event, conducted across two studios featured multiple sections with different layouts of talent in studio. The broadcast ran for one hour and streamed to over 500 registered attendees. Our Head of Production, Moira showed the full extent of her expertise in talent and studio management keeping the pre-production and planning progressing quickly. Couple this with our producer Morgan’s skills on live switching titles, overlays and infographics made for a seamless viewer experience.

Russell Investments wanted a custom built landing page to accompany their livestream with corporate branding and the ability to take questions and leave feedback. Our team developed a first class landing page for the event to add to the experience, you can check out the design below.

livestream landing page

Throughout the event and following its conclusion, the Russell Investment team were able to viewer their audience analytics. These insights provide a high level of detail and information for shaping the content for future events.

in video studio livestream

With access to our own video production studio, our team are operating like a well oiled machine, hosting livestreams for different organisations weekly.

video production team managing livestream

Digital events and livestreams are a huge part of our business at Pinstripe and we’re excited to facilitate the digital transition many businesses are making. If you’re looking for some of the highest quality video production Sydney has to offer, we’re capable of hosting a wide range of digital events and livestreams from our studio in Barangaroo.

To discuss how we can make your next digital event a success, get in touch with our team today.

Jono Wade