Digital and Content Marketing Inspiration

The internet is a pretty big place. So much so, if you’re not keeping up to date with trends and seeking out content marketing inspiration, your campaign impact and social engagement can quickly fall behind.

There’s an ongoing challenge for our publications to stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate with their styles. Whether it’s content marketing, video production, subject lines, email templates or social posts, engagement is key and keeping your content fresh and innovative can help you break through the clutter.

So where should you look for content inspiration?

One of the first places I look and one of my favourites, is Neil Patel. Neil is an author who is currently a world leader and trend setter for all things inbound marketing, SEO and digital growth. If you haven’t already, sign up for Neil’s newsletter because you are sure to learn a thing or two.

Neil’s ability to create bite-size engaging content pieces through email is something that many digital marketers would aspire to emulate. The content is brief and transparent, yes there’s some click bait-ish subject lines, but they’re honest and you’re rarely disappointed.

The Morning Brew is another online publication that I regularly use to seek out inspiration when planning content strategies. Their world renowned referral program that built their database of 1.5M followers is something to behold. I also really enjoy the imagery that accompanies their content and the branding they’ve formed for themselves. It makes news instantly recognisable and builds consistency into their content.

Inspiration under our very own roof

Another place I’ve recently been inspired by lives under the roof of Pinstripe Media, Startup Daily. Simon Thomeson the editor of Startup Daily has an uncanny knack for knowing how to craft search engine focused page titles and engaging subject lines.

Simon’s ability to deliver engaging copy in his newsletters has paid dividends with the email engagement consistently exceeding industry standards.

The final place that comes to mind when thinking of engaged audiences is that of our very own Flying Solo forum. This community who support each other has been built by editor Lucy Kippist. Forming this sort of trust and engagement doesn’t happen over night and takes a high level of audience understanding to build.

Lucy has used regular surveys with her audience over the years to expand her understanding of the website visitors. This helps shape the content that is posted and promoted to maximise engagement, it also drives the tone of voice for all communications.

How to tie this into your own content marketing strategy

Not every content type is going to work for your brand. The beauty of A/B testing and the level of analytics you’re provided through digital platforms gives you the perfect opportunity to get started. Monitor your engagement, open rates and click through rates, change variables one at a time to test their performance and develop your content strategy from there.

Get researching, it’s the best way to identify opportunities and grow your engagement!

Jono Wade