When Kylie Merritt came to us mid-way through 2019 with an idea to build a digital business and finance news channel, it was one of those moments when you instantly know they’re onto something big. The gaping hole in the market for high quality, live markets news had been left by the closure of Your Money, the joint venture between News and 9 which replaced Sky News Business. As the person at the helm of both of those channels, there was no one in the country better suited to develop a new and improved offering.

Witnessing the assembly of a live news channel from the ground-up in record time was a thing of beauty. Within weeks, the foundations of a production team were in place, and digital platform and app was mocked up, and syndication partnerships in discussion. On March 30th, 2020, Ausbiz was ready for lift-off. And in less than 6-months it has solidified its place as the go-to place for Australia’s business, finance, and investor community. Just look at the numbers – 20,000 subscribers, 50,000 weekly unique viewers, and average view time of 25 minutes (on the live stream). Remarkable.

For the Pinstripe team, we’ve watched as Ausbiz went from a couple of new office buddies on makeshift desks, to a full-blown sister company bringing a newsroom atmosphere to our office and studios. Now we work side by side, with a show of our own streaming live every day on Ausbiz (Startup Daily) and our commercial team representing Ausbiz in market for any brand campaigns. And we couldn’t be happier. The Ausbiz audience is a perfect fit within the Pinstripe network, which has always focussed on the smaller end of business. We’d always wanted to add a platform that spoke to the other end of the market – the C-suites, investors, advisers, and aspirational Aussies looking to build their wealth. Ausbiz gives us that exact audience.

ausbiz team

Now we can deliver brands the opportunity to reach the entire business audience – small to large – across our network, through genuinely valuable content integrations and media placements. Ausbiz has added a very shiny new tool to the kit, and we’re excited to be testing out some integrated campaigns over the next few months which span both live and pre-recorded video, digital events, and branded editorial campaigns that deeply connect with Aussie businesses and consumers.

Above all, we’re thrilled to have a new team here with us who bring a heap of new experience and expertise to the office, good banter, and juicy economic rants (see Scutty’s daily update for a taste).

To speak with our team about promoting your business through Ausbiz and building on your content marketing campaigns, or across the Pinstripe Media network, get in touch today. Check out Ausbiz for yourself here.

AJ Koch

Responsible for overseeing content production, advertising and operations, AJ has grown Pinstripe Media from a small family business to a 25-person strong enterprise. With a background in TV production, journalism and media, AJ has proven skills in creating engaging content that connects with business owners. He's also fluent in Spanish and has a penchant for Mexican food and top shelf tequila.