Startup Daily hit over 100,000 page views for August, a great achievement and a fantastic reflection of Editor Simon Thomeson’s content efforts. These figures were delivered by over 73,000 unique visitors viewing the site in August!

For context, this is a 60% increase on this same time last year and continually growing. The new users visiting the site has also increased by 74% when compared with this time last year. To back these achievements up, the Startup Daily newsletter audience continues to rapidly grow with an incredible average open rate of 20%.

We love celebrating our wins at Pinstripe, big or small. Incremental gains show that we’re heading in the right direction and our content is resonating with our audience. It also shows that we’re growing our understanding of our network and tailoring our content more effectively.

Simon Thomeson, Editor of Startup Daily, is a fanatic about all things analytics when it comes to his audience. The passion he delivers in his editorial and his newsletter comes through in the content. It’s a unique, creative and an engaging read. When we have our weekly check-in on analytics and see that Simon is breaking records for web traffic the excitement builds across the team.

Congratulations to Simon, we’re incredibly excited to see what the future holds for Startup Daily.

At Pinstripe, we are proud to partner with some amazing brands to deliver quality video and written content. Startup Daily TV, filmed daily in our Sydney video studio, has opened up a wide range of new opportunities for partnerships that our team are eager to pursue. Startup Daily is live every weekday from 2-3pm on ausbiz TV.

If you’re interesting in utilising our business, finance and tech publishing network, get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.

Jono Wade