Below are a list of our current marketing partnership opportunities:

Flying Solo LIVE – Small & Micro Business Conference

Event Sponsorship – Content Integration – Digital Media Campaign

Flying Solo LIVE is a major event being held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in August 2018 which addresses the key issues facing Australian solo, micro and small business owners through inspiring, educational and interactive presentations, workshops and networking.

Having held four sellout events in Sydney in past years, we are taking our signature event to Melbourne as one of the feature events of Small Business Festival Victoria, a Victorian Government initiative.

We have a range of partnership opportunities for brands and organisation looking to connect with this audience and form an ongoing relationship, from simple event sponsorship to integrated partnerships which include up to 3-months of activity across Flying Solo’s digital platforms and community.

If you’re keen to make waves with thriving small end of town, this is the perfect opportunity, so get in touch with Sam Crampton for more info.

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02 8004 6464

Your Money & Your Life – Consumer Finance Expo, November

Our festival of finance is a free event for consumers to get educated and inspired to engage with their wealth, in an exciting and personable way. Over two days they’ll have the opportunity to hear from an incredible line-up of speakers, connect with leading experts within the finance sector, as well as engage with interactive expo stands. The foundation of the Your Money And Your Life Expo is about taking the mystery out of money management, from the basic to the sophisticated, in an informative and entertaining format. This isn’t the boring, old-fashioned finance seminar; this is about helping people achieve their own success in a way that resonates with everyday Australians.

We have a number of partnership opportunities available for exhibiting and sponsorship, as well as further content & media integration. If it’s of interest and you want to find out more, please get in touch with Paul Gilbert.

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The Airport Economist – Latin America

TV Program Integration – Digital Content & Amplification

In 2017, Pinstripe premiered a new TV & digital brand called The Airport Economist, which sees economist Tim Harcourt travelling around the world to uncover the secrets of doing business in various countries.

The first season focused on Asia, covering countries like China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. Now, season two sees Tim jetting off to Latin America to give Aussie businesses valuable insights into how deals are done across the continent.

The Airport Economist is currently broadcast on Sky Business and Qantas Inflight, as well as a number of digital distribution channels. We’re looking for partners who are as excited by the opportunities that this show offers. If you’d like to know more, please reach out to AJ Koch, General Manager at Pinstripe Media.

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Media Partnerships – August

Native AdvertisingContent MarketingDigital Marketing – Display

As the publisher behind Australia’s largest small business network, we offer ongoing opportunities for business minded brands looking to reach an engaged audience and inspire action across publications like Kochie’s Business Builders, Startup Daily, Flying Solo and Small Business First.

Our packages range from one off engagements to long-term partnerships incorporating editorial content, video, social media, live streaming, display advertising, events, competitions and above the line integrations with our major media partners.

Our team of in-house strategists, digital experts and editorial and production staff allows us to own partner campaigns end-to-end to ensure we are delivering results. Alternatively, we can work with your existing agencies to leverage different areas of our expertise. To find out more, please contact Sam Crampton, Group Partnerships Manager.

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Small Business First – Partner Offers & Affiliates

Targeted Offer Campaigns – Content Integration

We’re on the lookout for organisations looking to reach and convert small businesses through a trusted online community. Small Business First was created to host deals and offers from a range of partners across various categories of small business expenses. We now have a community of small businesses 35,000 strong to whom we’ve served offers ranging from Allianz to Uber. We have a number of partnership models to suit different businesses and product types, and offers will leverage the powerful Pinstripe Media network for promotion, including Kochie’s Business Builders, Startup Daily and Flying Solo.

If you’re interested in having your offering live on the Small Business First platform, please get in touch with Tim Whitehead who looks after strategic partnerships.

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Executive Content Marketing & Branding

Content StrategyProduction – Amplification

As a content marketing agency we’ve helped brands establish themselves in specific markets as thought-leaders and experts that consumers can trust. But the opportunity many organisations fail to recognise is that the building and strategic positioning of the personal brands of their executives can be just as powerful in driving business & marketing results.

Pinstripe has great experience in working with c-suite executives on the creation of a personal brand & content strategy, along with the production of the content necessary to fill social and corporate comms channels with pioneering perspectives and commentary. More than even, consumer want to get to know the real people running the country’s biggest brands and to develop a relationship with them, not their logos.

Please get in touch with our master of content strategy and Head of Marketing Paul Gilbert to talk more about what you can do with your executives.

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AJ Koch

Responsible for overseeing content production, advertising and operations, AJ has grown Pinstripe Media from a small family business to a 25-person strong enterprise. With a background in TV production, journalism and media, AJ has proven skills in creating engaging content that connects with business owners. He's also fluent in Spanish and has a penchant for Mexican food and top shelf tequila.