Video production quality can make or break your brand’s engagement with your audience. High quality video productions are engaging, inspiring and give your the brand a crucial opportunity to convey a lot of information in a short period of time.

With that being said, you’d better make the most of your audience’s attention while you’ve got it right?

We’re going to take a look at few key aspects of video production that will improve your production quality and can help your business cut down on outsourcing and agency costs. Being able to produce your very own video productions plays a key role in developing and growing your video marketing strategy.

Research your video equipment

Knowing what equipment you’ve got to work with, and how it can be used is important to delivering the best end result. You don’t need to go out and spend thousands on cameras and lenses to deliver quality videos for your social audience.Youtube is an incredibly helpful resource for researching camera options and you’ll be amazed at the quality that some of the modern stabilised cameras can deliver.

A favourite of our team is the DJI OSMO Pocket for a number of reasons; it’s steady, stable, shoots in 4k and is  incredibly compact.You’ll be able to find loads of reviews on cameras, lenses, drones, gimbals, tripods and lighting. Taking your time to sort through these will help you make an informed decision before purchasing.If you’re on a limited budget and going to use your phone for the shoots, then the below few points should be followed closely to achieve a high quality result. When preparing for any video production or livestream, our team are in the habit of checking all batteries, cards and equipment is prepared and ready to go.


Steady your shots!


If you’re going to shoot with a phone, make sure you establish a way of fixing the phone as there’s nothing worse than shaky footage. Even if it’s just a matter of sitting the camera on a bench, the finished product looks so much more professional with a steady camera.


Light it up

Lighting plays a huge part in the production quality of your video. Whether you’re using professional lighting equipment or you’re operating on a limited budget, having the subject of your shots well lit delivers a much more engaging finished product.

If you don’t have access to professional lighting equipment, you can get creative with lamps or simply try be conscious of where windows are located and avoid the subject being lit from behind.


Audio, testing 1,2!

When setting up for your shoot, be aware of your surroundings. Microphones are way too good at picking up background noise and these sort of distractions can quickly detract from your production quality.

Set yourself up in quiet space when possible with few distractions. If this is hard to avoid, companies such as Rode produce high quality lapel and shotgun microphones to minimise noise from your surroundings.


What’s your purpose?

Although this point falls between the marketing of your product and video production, creating content when you’ve got a defined purpose makes it that much easier to produce. Content with defined purposes also generally tend to be a lot clearer and more concise which is easier for your audience to digest.

Where possible, you want your videos to be all killer and no filler, so that every time your audience engages, they know they’re going to get something worth listening to. Once that purpose is defined, you’ll often find it easier to direct the shoot and know what information and shots need to be included.

If the talent in the video is also clear on the objectives for the video, it’s often easier to convey excitement and project the information more effectively.


Whether you are shooting your small business or scaling your organisations video production capabilities, these few tips will hopefully provide some direction. This information is the product of many years experience operating as one of Sydney’s leading video production agencies. We also have our very own video production studio on-site in Barangaroo.

Our team host live streaming sessions for organisations around the world as well as producing video content for television, social media and websites. We produce some of the highest standard business, finance, tech and startup video content in Australia. If you’ve ever got any questions, feel free to reach out!

Jono Wade