Campaign summary

The Officeworks Mini Masterclass for Small Business

The Officeworks Mini Masterclass was a twelve lesson online course providing practical insights to help small business owners succeed. Our video production team produced the content to then be distributed through our media network. Each lesson or case study was hosted by a prominent Australian small business owner. The course was supported by a cross-channel, integrated content marketing strategy, delivered across Pinstripe’s small business network.


Focus on the little wins

In each video lesson, a prominent small business owner explained how focusing on the little wins allowed them to achieve big ideas.


Comprehensive resources

Each lesson was backed up by a wide range of supporting case studies, tools and resources, as well as tasks for small business owners to complete.


Use online learning to educate and inspire small business owners to achieve their big ideas.


Generate leads and position Officeworks as a leading provider of educational insights for small business owners.


Over 2,500 people signed up to the Officeworks Mini Masterclass, with over 10,000 video views of lesson content and 60,000 page views during the campaign.

Practical tools and insights

Video driven learning

The course used a combination of video driven learning, supported by inspirational case studies, practical tools and calculators, additional reading, and daily tasks to complete to help business owners apply their new knowledge.

Content was shot both on-site and in our video studio in Sydney.

Leveraging the Pinstripe network

Working with top talent

Pinstripe Media boasts an extensive network in the Australian small business community. This allowed us to source some of Australia’s leading small business experts to host the Officeworks Mini Masterclass, including Sean Ashby from Aussie Bum, Jane Lu from ShowPo, Glen Carlson from Dent Global, Peter Freedman from Rode Microphones and many others.

As Sydney’s leading content marketing agency, our network makes sure your content reaches the right audience.

"The e-learning platform was a great solution for our customers"

The content was brilliant and was well aligned with Officeworks’ audience and objectives.

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